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More tiny tableaux spotted on top of Bristol bus shelters

By martin booth, Monday Sep 25, 2017

Bus journeys are being brightened up in Bristol by an anonymous artist whose Playmobil figures stretch from Stokes Croft to the Memorial Stadium.

The tiny tableaux feature a variety of scenes.

One unfortunate pair are stuck upside down in a washing line, one duo are content simply to sit down on two chairs and wave at the passing traffic, while another are engaged in an activity that more usually requires the removal of clothes.

The largest gathering is outside Telepathic Heights on Cheltenham Road (pictured top) and is thought to be a reference to the Stokes Croft riots of 2011.

Bristol24/7 first reported on the Playmobil figures on Saturday and the following day bought a day-rider to spot as many scenes as possible.

You’ll need to be on the top deck of buses going along the route to spot all of the scenes and tell your own Playmobil story as you spot the figures through the window.

Their arrival remains a mystery. If you know anything, please email

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