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A blooming wonderful flower business

By lowie trevena, Tuesday Sep 8, 2020

“I’d always wanted to veer into floristry at some point,” says Ellie Jones, founder of Bouquets for Days.

Launching as lockdown measures began to easy in summer, the florist sells seasonal bouquets created from flowers grown on Bristol farms.

Ellie, who lives in Hotwells and previously worked as a publicist in the music industry, says that summer 2020 “was no doubt an odd time to launch a company”, but has found success with her local business, launching a seasonal subscription and regularly delivering flowers to customers throughout the city.

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The florist decided to venture into the world of flowers after making endless bouquets for her friends.

“As morbid as it may sound, I enjoy the perishability of flowers,” she says. “You know that what you’re working with is not going to be alive for very long and I like the challenge that brings – you’ve got this limited window of time to make these flowers look the very best they can so you have to be really hands on and efficient. But when you’re working with such beautiful produce in the first place it’s difficult to go completely wrong!”

Ellie Jones is an eco-friendly florist. Photo: Bouquets for Days

There is a movement within the floristry world to be more environmentally friendly, and Ellie says she feels a “moral responsibility” to use less plastic and produce less harmful waste.

One way that Bouquets for Days is being greener is through seasonal subscriptions; pre-ordering ensures no flowers are wasted.

Ellie’s flowers are handpicked from independent flower farms on the outskirts of Bristol and has been making the most of the stock that was grown for wedding and events that could no longer be used due to the pandemic.

After a successful summer launch, the company is launching its autumn subscription service, with Ellie saying: “My bouquets feature seasonal flowers. My eyes are always drawn to strong colour palettes and unusual textures and as a result of this I’d like to think that each of my bouquets is a rustic, wild and whimsical feast.”

Main photo: Bouquets for Days

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