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Exploring different ways to heal and practise self-care

By lowie trevena, Tuesday Nov 10, 2020

An afternoon of short films, spoken word and conversations hosted by Gentle/Radical will shine a spotlight of self-care, restoration and reparation.

Held on Sunday, November 15 between 2pm and 6.30pm, four “chapters” will explore different ways to heal and practise self-care.

Anthologies of Care is an event about healing, resistance through finding our way home,” say the organisers. “It’s interested in our potential wholeness, our radical wellness, how we weave connection to self, or make a pilgrimage, inwards.

“It is important that we honour how different modes of identity and power impact an individual’s ability to do the work of self-care. We will speak to how multiple forms of violence built into our systems, also impact.

“We will think deeply about how living within spaces and societies where inequality is the norm, is connected to how we can care for ourselves, and are cared for.”

Curated by Roseanna Dias, Rabab Ghazoul and Holly Muse with a selection of speakers, Anthologies of Care will feature individuals from Bristol, London and Cardiff.

The Baths by Anouska Samms & Sofia Pancucci-McQueen is one of the short films that will play over the day. Image: Anouska Samms & Sofia Pancucci-McQueen/Gentle/Radical

Starting with ‘My soul is a legacy’ / Explorations of the Divine Feminine, Karen Larbi of Campaign Bootcamp, an organisation training activists, and artist and researcher Adeola Dewis will discuss eco-anxiety. The dicussion will weave together politics, healing, imagination and intentionality.

Chapter Two’s Masculinity in Proximity to the Divine Feminine will look at what it means for men to step into women’s spaces and the challenges and deep needs that men need.

Will Taylor, a creative producer at Pervasive Media Studio, and Tony Hendrickson will speak specifically on toxic narratives around the identities and constructed perceptions of Black men.

Will Taylor will take part in Anthologies of Care. Photo: Will Taylor

Pervasive Media Studio producer Zahra Ash-Harper and Rife magazine’s Adibah Iqbal will lead chapter three, exploring how modern ideas around self-care are not always appropriate to “people of difference”, and chapter four will be a conversation between Rabab Ghazoul, Roseanna Dias and Mary Anne Roberts.

Artists Rabab and Roseanna, who are also event curators, and musicians Mary Anne will talk about the role of elders and intergenerational spaces in healing and self-care.

Each chapter will be interwoven with short films from around the world and spoken word from Adeola Dewis and Bristol poet and writer Malizah, who was recently featured in Rising Arts’ city-wide Whose Future exhibition.

Malizah was one of the creative featured in Rising Arts’ city-wide exhibition

“The event feels so relevant to everything right now as things feel increasingly more intense,” says Roseanna, who, as well as being an artist, also works as an executive producer at Rising Arts. “

The event itself is really about exploring alternate narratives and possibilities to do with how we care for ourselves and others.”

Main photo: Anouska Samms & Sofia Pancucci-McQueen/Gentle/Radical

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