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Clothing brand champions being your best self

By lowie trevena, Tuesday Sep 15, 2020

Six friends from the University of Bristol have founded a clothing brand encouraging people to be their best selves.

Young Goat is a Bristol-born unisex lifestyle brand with a simple ethos: anyone can be the GOAT,” says Vince Onuegbu, one of the six founders.

Meaning “Greatest Of All Time” and often used in sports teams, Young Goat was founded to recognise everyone’s achievements, whether or not they’re involved in sports.

“The company evolved from our personal experiences while playing football together for the university. We saw and used the term as an uplifting and bolstering compliment to recognise people’s achievements and saw first-hand the positive mental health effects it had, particularly on some of the younger members of the club who began to grow in confidence on and off the pitch. It was from this collective experience that the identity of the brand developed.”

Young Goat currently sells t-shirts and hoodies, as well as previously stocking fleeces and hats. The brand, which plans to expand its range later in 2020, also champions positive mental health.

“Although we are not a mental health clothing brand, we do feel that good mental health is inherently linked to our brand identity and are very passionate about its awareness,” says Vince, who studied  French and Portuguese while at the University of Bristol.

The brand name Young Goat was inspired by the sporting acronym. Photo: Young Goat

“We believe in the promotion of confidence and high self-esteem, which essentially comes from the recognition that you can be your own GOAT.”

To support mental health in Bristol, the brand has partnered with Second Step and Off The Record. Vince says: “It allows us to share and commend the work they do, as well as raise money for them on our website and through sales.”

Young Goat’s products are simple, with clean and crisp designs. T-shirts are £30 and hoodies are £55, with each item featuring the brand’s logo, “a badge of confidence, individualism and self-belief for anyone to wear proudly”.

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“We are a massively inclusive brand and love to share the exploits and successes of the Young Goat community,” says Vince. “We champion positivity and strong mental health while highlighting charities that seek to do the same.

“I feel we’re authentic – just six friends really enjoying the reality of what they envisaged and creating clothing they like and feel good in.”

Main photo: Young Goat

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