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‘I hope The Process can be important to other queer people’

By lowie trevena, Monday Sep 14, 2020

“One day, ages ago, I ink dyed a t-shirt for myself in tribute to Nine Inch Nails’ Woodstock 94 performance where they covered themselves in mud before the show,” says Chris Nicholls.

It was the foundations of a new queer, trans-owned clothing business based in Whitehall.

“During lockdown I obviously had a lot of time on my hands and started to wonder if anyone else would be interested in clothes in the same style, so I posted my shirt online and the response was positive!

“Since then, I’ve taken loads of orders and have expanded the range to include hoodies, joggers, totes, leggings and hats.”

The Process is an inclusive company for queer and trans people, owned by Chris Nicholls, who is trans and non-binary themselves.

Chris founded The Process during lockdown. Photo: Chris Nicholls

Run through Etsy and Instagram, each item from The Process is hand printed and dyed, with the option for customers to order custom clothing.

“As a queer, non-binary trans person, I often find it hard to find items of clothing that make me feel comfortable, especially in a more ‘alternative’ style,” Chris explains.

“I started The Process because I found it hard to find affirming clothing in the shops. I felt like the best way to remedy that was to take it into my own hands.”

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Dusty pink ink dyed t-shirt. Skull variant. £20

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Chris, who is the sole employee of the company, sees the business as an extension of their art, which focus on identity, how it can shift and never fully be perceived through abstract portraits.

Chris stocks ready-to-wear clothing on Instagram and Etsy but encourages custom orders. They hope to improve their sewing skills to create garments for people from scratch, explore new dying methods and help queer and trans people feel euphoric in their gender identities.

“The company is important to me as a queer person,” they add. “I hope The Process can be important to other queer/LGBTQIA+ people. I hope that the community feel like they can come to me with any requests and feel completely understood, heard and seen.”

Main photo: Chris Nicholls

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