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Wriggle’s Night Market favourites

By stefan wriggle, Monday Sep 26, 2016

The last of the summer dine. You’re invited to a Friday evening jam-packed with street food, craft beer and live music bonanza brought to you by Wriggle, Beats and the gloriously cobbled streets of King Street. Expect food from eight traders representing the award-winning street food collective that is Beats. Watch out for super-limited special offers on food via Wriggle.


Smoke Catering @ King Street Market – ‘The Texan’

Price on Wriggle: £4.90 (originally £7)

Yeehaw. Seven hour smoked pulled pork shoulder, smoked beef and chilli sausage and house slaw – all stacked high in a glossy bap. Not for the faint hearted.

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The Little Taqueria @ King Street Market – Any 2X Tacos

Price on Wriggle: £4 (originally £5.75)

Choose any two of TLT’s outstanding, freshly prepared tacos – with a range of options for both meaties and veggies. 

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Moorish @ King Street Market – Any Flatbread

Price on Wriggle: £4 (originally £5)

Enjoy any of the fabulous Moorish flatbreads – highly recommended by the Wriggle team.

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Sri-Licious @ King Street Market – Any Sri-Lankan Egg Hopper

Price on Wriggle: £3 (originally £4.50)

Tuck into a speciality egg hopper, which are made with a batter of rice flour and coconut milk, cooked in a bowl shaped pan with an egg poached inside. They then add different ‘sambols’ and chutneys catered to your palette. They can also cook these without egg for our vegan friends!

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Burger Theory @ King Street Market – Choice of Burger & Fries

Price on Wriggle: £7.99 (originally £11)

The best burgers in town? You’re the ultimate critic so you’d better get down to Kong’s and find out. Choose one of the following: The Cheese Theory, The Sheriff, The Blue Cow (recommended!), The Don or the Prairie Girl. Veggie options included.  All served with excellent fries.

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La Bonne Crepe @ King Street Market – Choice of Savoury Pancake (Galette)

Price on Wriggle: £4 (originally £5)

Galettes are savoury crepes made with Organic buckwheat flour, they are wheat/dairy and gluten free. Choose between: La Classique: Free Range Egg, Cheddar and Ham or The Popeye: Fresh Spinach, Red Onion and Cheddar.

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Wild & Rustic @ King Street Market – Gourmet Wild Venison Burger

Price on Wriggle: £4.50 (originally £6)

A wild venison bay & garlic burger, served in a toasted double glazed brioche, organic wilted seasonal greens, caramelised red onion chutney, herb mayonnaise, oak smoked cheddar & dry cure smoked streaky bacon.

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Ah-Ma’s Dumplings @ King Street Market – The “Full House”: Dumplings & Bao & Sides

Price on Wriggle: £6 (originally £8)

Welcome to the “Full House” from Ah-Mas, at a special price for the Wriggle/Beats King Street Market today. Expect a selection of dumplings, bao and sides.

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