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All the tea on Park Street

By martin booth, Tuesday May 31, 2016

Tea connoisseurs rejoice – Park Street now has a shop that can take care of your every need from tea to honey.

Of all the places to open in Bristol, Bluebird Tea Company have opened next door to a Boston Tea Party. But the name is where the similarities end – Bluebird is totally devoted to tea, leaving Boston to get on with their own job the other side of the dividing wall.

On the Bluebird side of that wall is a collection of dozens of teas with weird and wonderful names such as nearly nirvana, skinny minny, dozy girl and honey bee beautiful.

There are also tea versions of well known flavours such as jelly and ice cream, rhubarb and custard, cherry bakewell, and even birthday cake.

The Bristol store – in what was most recently a bookmakers and before that a bookshop – is the third shop from Krisi Smith and Mike Turner who founded Bluebird in Brighton in 2013.

You can buy the tea by weight or in pre-packed bags, alongside a wide variety of tea paraphernalia from mugs to jugs, tea-infused honey to tea-infused soap.

Bluebird Tea Co, 73 Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5PG


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