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Unicorn ice cream for sale in new Bristol dessert bar

By martin booth, Tuesday Aug 20, 2019

Overlooked by one of the two gold unicorns on top of City Hall, a new desserts bar on College Green offers unicorn ice cream on its menu.

Being the father of two young daughters, I am acutely aware of the current craze for all things unicorn-related.

So it’s a canny business move from Cowbee to put this garish pink and blue concoction – a mix of bubblegum, candy floss and marshmallow – on the ice cream menu, with my youngest daughter Lois declaring it worthy of 100 out of ten.

If you’re not a four-year-old girl, however, other ice creams at Cowbee away from the traditional flavours include apricot and ginger crumble; white chocolate, coffee and whisky; carrot cake; and pink grapefruit gin and tonic.

Cowbee has opened in a former HSBC bank on the corner of College Green and Unity Street

Cowbee owners Adam and Nicola Sztuka have made a bold move opening just a few doors down from Swoon; and they are aiming at a similar market, with beer and wine also served in the evening.

Ice cream here costs £2.95 for one scoop in a cup or waffle cone and goes up to £5.95 for four scoops.

The ice cream is made in small batches in-house using organic milk and cream from a farm in the Chew Valley, with a little honey from the Sztukas’ own hive for added sweetness.

Cow + bee. Geddit?

Milkshakes are also made with ice cream, with other options on the menu including smoothies and waffles, with savoury waffles coming soon and unicorn-flavoured waffles as yet unconfirmed.

Cowbee, 24 College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TB

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