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“The Rise of the “Bunwich” at Glitch

By ollie davis, Sunday Aug 25, 2019

Glitch, the concept salon on Old Market Street has decided to open their very own gourmet-sandwich eatery on September 12th.

The creative space, which has been home to numerous start-up catering companies, will be given a makeover in their orange and black colour scheme. After the pop-up cafe, run by all-female coffee roastery Girls Who Grind, vacates the space.

The Creative Director, Alessandro’s big idea? Selling sandwiches he has lovingly named “Bunwiches”. He wants to provide options for vegans, veggies and meat lovers alike. Using coal dyed Focaccia bread (the bun part) sourced from Grano Kitchen, an Italian eatery previously located in Glitch.

The Bunwiches will be packaged in reusable, luxury boxes that are branded to match the vibrant aesthetic of the new room. Also, the box will be included in the price of the first purchase and needed to “unlock” the ability to buy more sandwiches in the future.

They have plans for an opening event that will feature live music and substantial deals and discounts for the sandwiches.

Could Glitch be ground zero for the rise of the Bunwich?

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