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Festival to mark 10 years of Bristol’s Moor Beer

By jack harvey, Friday Jun 9, 2017

Bristol’s Moor Beer is celebrating its tenth year of production by putting on a series of special events involving music, food, drink and ten pin bowling.

The party begins on Thursday, June 15 with a collaboration between the St Philip’s brewery and Box-E in Wapping Wharf which will host a six-course beer tasting menu, with different Moor beers matching each course.

This will be followed by bowling and beer at The Lanes, as well as two days of food and beer at the Moor Beer tap room, featuring some of the Moor team’s favourite beers from around the world.

The Moor tap room

The main event of the festival starts on Saturday, June 17 at 5pm and continues until 2am at The Exchange. A mix of indie, metal and punk music will be played, with X-State Ride and Berri Txarrak among the bands attending.

There will also be two exclusive beers available. Comrade Games will be served while X-State Ride are playing on stage, while Mango Tea Pale Ale will be poured while Berri Txarrak are performing.

“After a decade of hard work the ‘I Want Moor Fest’ is a chance for us to celebrate with friends and fans of flavoursome natural beers,” said the owner and head brewer at Moor Beer, Justin Hawke.

“This event is a reflection of us – dedicated to fantastic beer, good food and great music, all perfectly at home in Bristol. It’s been an incredible 10 years and we are looking forward to ‘Moor’!”



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