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Entrepreneur raises ?100,000 in 24 hours

By laura collacott, Monday Nov 7, 2016

Student Ben Jeffries has won £100,000 of investment within 24 hours of launching a CrowdCube campaign for his company, Influencer, which connects brands with celebrities on social media to expand their organic reach. 

“I felt quietly confident that I would achieve the investment but didn’t quite expect to hit the target within the first 24 hours,” said 20-year-old Ben, who is also part of Stokes Croft-based accelerator programme, Crowd10, which helps companies prepare successful crowdfunding bids.

“The Crowd10 accelerator programme enabled me to become investor-ready.I had spent weeks planning a massive marketing plan but as soon as we launched, it became clear we didn’t need to use it.”

Influencer links brands with celebrity individuals to access their followers

Influencing is now a popular way to brands to generate the all-important organic buzz, the holy grail of digital marketing. Uber, Badoo, and Crowdmobile have already tried the service. 

The investment will be used to develop an automated web application and a more efficient CRM system, as well as a marketing campaign and new staff. 


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