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Local start-up gets boost from Virgin

By laura collacott, Monday Sep 14, 2015

Film production studio Huxley, located in Berkley Square, has been featured as a Virgin startup company of the week. The company received £21,000 from Virgin combined with other investments to launch a full-service film production studio in January this year, combining contemporary film making and animation. 

Working on a b2b model, the small office creates online content for emerging and growing brands in lifestyle, sport, tech and travel. 

“It’s a great validation of all the work we’ve put in, and the support and exposure that we’ve gained from Virgin has been invaluable,” says director Andy Eagles. “We always talk to our clients about the importance of cohesive branding and getting the tone right, so it feels really good that Virgin have recognised all that in how we’ve branded ourselves.”

“We’d all worked in the industry for many years, creating branded video content for some big brands at various agencies. It’s a great way to make a living, but we wanted to do something a bit more adventurous and to build a culture around a brand, so we started Huxley. It’s a competitive industry, so we focused on creating content that stands out and demands attention, and I think that really appealed to the guys at Virgin. We’ve had a great response from everyone that’s checked out our site and our reel, so the Virgin team got in touch to find out more and it grew from there.”

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