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Why it’s Better to Play Slots with Bonuses

By beth owen, Monday Jun 10, 2019

Imagine you walked into a store for the first time and nobody greeted you on the way in. Then, let’s say you visited a second store and the manager handed you a free cup of coffee, tons of gift vouchers and $10,000 in cash. Which place would you return to? (Ok, you don’t really need to answer that question.) When you play Online slots, it’s similar to the two stores in the sense that some offer nothing, whereas others roll out a red carpet’s worth of bonus features. And here are three reasons why you need to play slots at the latter.

Bonuses Make Slots More Fun
Have you ever watched the Game of Thrones? Most people love this TV series because they don’t have a clue what’s going to happen to the main characters at the end of each season. Slots with a bonus also have this wow factor as you don’t know what kind of bonus will turn up. Yet, if one does appear – be it free spins, an accumulator or pick a win – it’s bound to blow your mind and help beef up your bank balance. Which brings me nicely to the next point….

Bonuses Help You Win Big
But how exactly can you win bonus features? Landing 3 Wild or Scatter symbols on a reel triggers them on most slots and gives you the opportunity to win big. Really big! If you’ve played online slots before, you’ll probably know how these work. But, if you haven’t, you may be wondering what they are. So here goes: A wild is capable of substituting for any other symbol in a game (wild card). A scatter, on the other hand, is a randomly occurring symbol that can activate bonuses and, unlike any other symbol, doesn’t  need to appear on the pay line to grant you a win. Take the popular game Mega Moolah, for example. The lion in this slot acts a wild and is capable of making your win 15,000 times bigger. Meanwhile, the monkey is the scatter and can give you up to 15 more spins. And do you know what happened to one Mega Moolah player who activated both symbols last year? He won €18,915,872.81. Ching ching!

Bonuses Save You Money
Online slots with bonus features don’t just help you win huge jackpots, though; they also help you save money. (Yeah, you heard me right!) You see, instead of merely pressing the spin button every time, you have to play free spins and bonus games. And while you’re navigating your way though all of these, you aren’t using up betting stakes on your regular spins. In other words, you’re spinning the wheel far less than you would be with a game that has no bonus features.

Final Thoughts
In short, slots with bonuses are entertaining, help you win huge sums of cash and make your money last longer. So why don’t you start playing them now?

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