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Online language training on trend among corporate learners

By bristol247, Friday Sep 18, 2020

Businesses are designed to grow and expand by taking calculated risks and achieving business goals that should bring the best advantages for the whole organisation. However, for a company to expand to international waters, it has to effectively break down language barriers.

Utilising one of the most versatile languages can be used for customer bases in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other English-speaking nations, and even in several parts of Asia and Africa. Any business thinking about growth will benefit from a workforce capable of speaking corporate English.

Business English is a great instrument one can employ to overcome differences in language. With about 1.75 billion people speaking English worldwide, it is only logical that enterprises make use of it as their primary mode of communication even as a non-native English company.

Today’s economic environment is more diverse than ever, particularly if you’re looking to reach out to other enterprises across the globe, English is the most efficient way to connect with them. It’s practically ubiquitous in reports, negotiations, correspondence, training, and even in presentations, so it’s definitely crucial if you’re looking to secure deals with an international client.

Learning Business English Online

Personal Development

Business English is not only going to be beneficial to the organisation but as well as to the personal development of its employees. Corporate English training can help staff members gain confidence in their communication skills. Along with that, it can also actually help with feelings of anxiety, doubt, inadequacy, or self-hesitation in connecting as they become confident in communicating with peers and clients around the globe.

Having said that, it’s not surprising that lately in language trends, we are experiencing a gravitational shift towards online language training, specifically English language training for employees.

Sheer convenience

Why not on-site or in-person?

While it is obvious that on-campus lessons prove to be highly effective with their hands-on coaching, the same thing can be said to online language training. Corporate English training online is designed for people on the go and are always engaged with busy schedules. Digital-based learning means that it is quicker, easier, and much more budget-friendly.

This makes it not only a time-saving tool but also a cost-effective one. Employees can now learn any language anytime and anywhere. With English language training for business, corporate employees can access their lessons during their commute, during breaks in the office, and even in their wee anti-social hours. What is even more convenient is that they have the option to go back to lessons when they want to take a refresher course and review them whenever they feel the need to.

Not only does it fit perfectly with their busy schedules, but it also equips them with the necessary skills to become a more efficient and productive part of your team.

Absolute Flexibility

Online courses are also highly personalised wherein the employee’s current skill set can be matched according to lessons that will likewise suit their personal learning style. And on top of that, private one-on-one lessons with language tutors is also possible so you can ensure full focus and concentration.

Corporate training English courses will also enable employees to learn industry-specific vocabulary and jargons that will ultimately help them understand and hone both their listening and speaking skills better. Moreover, instead of regular language sessions that only goes as far as day-to-day English conversations and tourist to-go phrases, English training for corporate settings are tailored to meet one’s professional needs.

Progress Tracking

Made-to-measure English programs are available in several online language learning websites. The Preply corporate English training is a specially designed set of courses for teams as well as organisations to help companies achieve global standards.

To make sure that corporate learners are moving well through the program, Preply developed English placement tests that will keep your staff in check on their progress. And if you, as a manager, would also like to track your team’s progress, the lesson management system is available so you can see where your team is currently at in the program.

Today in the language learning industry, there are truly a variety of ways and platforms that offer faster and more convenient ways of developing your language and communication skills. And honestly, all it takes is a laptop, an internet connection, and your willingness and dedication to finish the program to achieve your career goals. What’s more is that it is incredibly convenient and most suitable to business professionals who are looking to upgrade their skills, expand their connections, and achieve unparalleled professional success because as English becomes an integral part of the global business economy, so are team members who should take a step up in meeting the demands of the new and more connected business landscape.

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