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Take Drugs Seriously

By bristol247, Monday Jan 20, 2020

Are our drug laws are fit for purpose? Join the debate and exhibition with demos at the Colston Hall, Thursday 23 January. Bristol’s Transform Drugs share new approaches to drug use, supply and harm reduction. Visit a mock-up of a safer drug consumption facility.

From 5 pm there is a free exhibition with interactive exhibits on addiction, drug cultures, drug markets, psychedelics, opioid use and more. This offers a chance to talk to experts.

At 7.30 pm Professor David Nutt shares his experiences as a government drug advisor, pioneer of new drug treatments and campaigner for policy reform in a talk.

At 8 pm all are invited to join the debate about drug policy in Bristol and beyond, with a panel including Councillor Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor; Professor David Nutt, Imperial College, London; and Maggie Telfer, Chief Executive of Bristol Drugs Project. Tickets for the lecture and debate can be bought in advance or on the door for £5.

For more details and to purchase tickets go to

On Friday 24 January there will be a Take Drugs Seriously book launch hosted by Dr. Suzi Gage, psychologist, epidemiologist and co-creator of the hit podcast, Say Why to Drugs, for an evening of frank and informative discussion on the issues surrounding recreational drug use.

For more details on Transform Drugs go to

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