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Rife Magazine wants to film you for one day

By bristol247, Friday Feb 6, 2015

Rife Magazine wants to follow the lives of twelve young people in Bristol for a new film project, Bristol in a Day.

The youth media platform is calling on 13-24-year-olds to record their whole day – from breakfast to bedtime – on Friday, February 27.

Twelve entries will be chosen to be edited into a three-minute video.

The project aims to show what life is really like for a young person in Bristol. Rife state on their website: 

“From Shirehampton to Stapleton,  and Hengrove to Henbury, this is our chance to show the real hidden gems of our amazing city.”

Anyone ages 13-24 can apply and you needn’t own a professional recording camera – recordings can be taken on a camera or even your phone. 

Anyone who wants to take part MUST let Rife know by Sunday February 8. Visit Rife Magazine’s website for more details and technical info. 

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