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Record month for Bristol Pound

By martin booth, Thursday Jan 8, 2015

The Bristol Pound had a record time in December, with the most digital Bristol Pounds being spent in a week since the currency launched in 2012 – a total of £B14,705.

Since January 2014 the scheme has seen:

  • 40% increase in the number of £B accounts
  • 61% increase in number of £B text payments
  • 75% increase in the amount of digital £Bs being spent

“It’s lovely to see people enjoying spending their Bristol Pounds this Christmas,” said Bristol Pound director Mark Burton, “not just for them but because we know that it will continue to do good all year round.”

Ashley ward councillor Rob Telford even bought all his Christmas presents with Bristol Pounds.

From later this year, the paper Bristol Pound notes will be redesigned with a competition launching next month. For more information, visit

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