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Charity seeks new recruits to support the ‘beating heart’ of its operation

By Bristol24/7, Tuesday Jan 18, 2022

A charity that tackles food poverty in Bristol is on the hunt for new recruits to support the ‘beating heart’ of its operation.

By tackling both food waste and hunger, FareShare South West provides food to frontline charities who support those facing hunger in the region.

Warehouses are an integral element of the organisation’s work and to support more frontline charities another has opened in south Bristol.

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FareShare South West’s new warehouse, which allows for bigger objectives for the organisation, requires two new employees.

The St Jude’s-based charity is involved with over 200 different community groups, charities and schools in Bristol – photo courtesy of FareShare South West

However, the charity says their drive for new workers has been stunted by a national recruitment struggle.

In 2021, FareShare South West distributed food for 4,860,844 meals to those desperate for food, a figure that has  leapt from 1m meals they achieved in 2019.

Sophie Pike, central Bristol warehouse manager, said: “Working in the FareShare South West warehouse is unlike any other job I have had.

“It feels amazing to see the difference we are making each day- I know that every pallet that comes into our warehouse is life changing.

“Our team and volunteers are the soul of our charity, always innovating and pushing to do more- and we have fun while doing it!’

FareShare South West’s director of operations, Lucy Bearn, commented: “We are so lucky to have a wonderful team that works together to fight food waste and hunger.

“A new warehouse means a massive 20% increase in our operation, and therefore new staff are urgently needed to keep things running smoothly.

“It is vital we expand our team – without great new people on board it will become harder to grow our work getting food to those in need.”

Main photo courtesy of FareShare South West

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