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A big way to say thank you to the NHS in Bedminster

By martin booth, Tuesday Apr 7, 2020

How far would you go to thank the heroes working for the NHS?

One Bedminster man decided to “vandalise” his own home, with a huge thank you now painted on the side of his house on the corner of British Road and Ireton Road.

Seb Whitehouse said: “I’ve been touched by how, despite the tragic backdrop, the unprecedented nature of the current situation has caused millions of people to realise who the true heroes are in society.

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“I’ve thought for some time that it’s a shame how celebrity culture is idolised and there’s perhaps a disconnect and emotional detachment from truly understanding who the important people in society are.”

He added: “So seeing the gratitude for the NHS and the clapping and the coming together, the feeling of community has been life affirming in a way. It’s a shame that it takes suffering to bring this out of people but negatives events and positive outcomes can exist side by side.”

Seb Whitehouse has lived in his house on the corner of British Road and Ireton Road for almost two years – photo: Seb Whitehouse

Thirty-year-old Seb was inspired to paint the side of the house on his daily exercise around Bedminster when he kept seeing little posters and signs in people’s windows with messages of support to the NHS, key workers, and local community.

“It made me realise I had this huge blank canvas which was the side of my house! So after some deliberation whether or not to ‘deface’ my own property, I decided to follow my gut and go for it!”

It took the freelance sports journalist three hours of measuring and then five hours of painting.

Main photo of Seb Whitehouse and Gemma Powell courtesy of Seb Whitehouse

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