Features: For the love of dance

Pamela Parkes, November 30, 2015

Whenever Suzi Bird sets up her unique photography shoots, crowds gather to watch the unexpected beauty of ballerinas being photographed against Bristol’s urban backdrop.

“Lots of people seem interested and fascinated by what the dancers are doing, and the movements they create. Often people take photos on their phones of what’s going on,” says 21-year-old Suzi.


The photographer specialised in dance photography at university. She started The Bristol Ballerina Project six months ago, casting local dancers performing across the city.


“I often choose the location based around who I’m photographing and what setting I think would suit them best,” she says.

“I’m slowly working my way round different parts of Bristol.”



“As the project continues, I’d definitely like to publish a book containing the images. I also hope, and would love, to have an exhibition of the project in the future.

Suzi also runs Sunlight Photography specializing in baby, wedding and portrait photography.

All Photos By Suzi Bird 


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