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Shop of the Week: Piglets Vintage

By megan dean, Friday Aug 2, 2019

Stepping into what seems like a treasure chest for people looking for something unique, Piglets is an easily-spotted, bright yellow vintage shop in Bedminster.

Jayne Bradey manages the shop day-to-day while her father, Kevin, travels to auctions and finds goods to sell. Everything from grandfather clocks to children’s toys fill the former pub, which has Kevin has owned for over 20 years.

The street art on the exterior of the shop shows how long the building was previously a pub

“The graffiti was done by a local artist and says how long this used to be a pub,” says Jayne.

Because it is a family business, walking into the shop it feels like being welcomed into a home, with Jayne and her child Jerzie sitting casually behind the desk.

Stock fills every corner in Piglets

Piglets has stock spilling out of the shop and gets new items weekly. The items  are often strange and have no connection to each other – whatever the family thinks is interesting gets in.

It could be a wizard on a swing, American license plate, wicker suitcase or a saw. Think of a random object, it’s probably somewhere in Piglets.

After being a washing machine repairs shop for many years, Piglets was re-opened in 2017 as a sort of high quality car boot sale in shop form. Its existence stems from a love of the sale, the community, and the history behind each item.

Jerzie and Jayne outside the store

Piglets Vintage, 2 Saint John’s Lane, Bristol, BS3 5AA

Main photo from the Piglets website

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