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Shotgun barbers encouraging equality

By amy gardner, Friday Feb 21, 2020

Shotgun Barbers is the first collection of shops in Bristol to offer extremely high standards of hair services based on your length of hair rather than your gender. This is a groundbreaking move in the hair & barbering industry that John, one of the owners wanted to do years ago and they are extremely proud of. They started this 4 years ago, but it now seems to be getting more of a reaction than ever. This is unique to Shotgun with the industry looking on!

Both shops make a conscious effort to create an atmosphere that reflects the team members personalities and make clients feel like their visit to the shop is more than your everyday hair salon. Almost all of their music is played on vinyl, consisting of a collection built up by the staff.

Shotgun are striving to make hair cuts fair for everyone. Going to see them, you don’t get shafted on the price if you’re a girl. The majority of salons nationwide don’t do this, which means females often get stung with a hefty bill, even if their hair is short. They decided when we opened that our ethos would be more beneficial to all if we did the one thing that no one else was willing to do.


Shotgun also gives back considerably to the surrounding community. Most recently they held a fundraiser day to help combat the Australian wildfires. All the money taken went to the cause, in the hope that they could do their part. We also sponsor the Bristol University Football Team.

One of their most popular ways of supporting clients and local artists is our club night, Shotgun Sessions.  Offering intimate performances from some of the underground electronic music scene’s biggest names. At the end of the night they offer an open deck policy. New talent has thirty minutes to show their skills to signed artists looking to give these new bloods a helping hand in playing their music at larger, paying venues. Shotgun Sessions has become internationally recognised and they were asked to play a festival in Portugal following several successful live streams numbering in the thousands. Also appearing on multiple podcasts and radio shows making 2019 an incredible year for Shotgun and Bristol music- more to come this year for sure!

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