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Lido waitress launches swimwear brand

By daisy lucker, Thursday Feb 18, 2016

Kiara Baretta and her mother Annabelle are the businesswomen behind Aliah Swimwear, a new idea based on creating personalised swimwear which is then handmade and tailored to fit individual customers.




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Kiara, 24, moved to Bristol from Australia two years ago to work as a waitress at the Lido in Clifton.

In her spare time, she pursues her business idea with her mum. The idea of creating personalised swimwear was sparked last summer.

The process of making the swimwear begins with Kiara designing each personalised piece. This will include taking measurements, viewing photos of the customer and a discussion of the required fit.

Designs are then sent off to Kiara’s mother Annabelle, 61, who decides if the product is possible to create – and if so she will then work her creative magic.



“I like to promote independent women and to create for them unique fashions,” says Kiara.

The passionate fashionista is looking to increase her audience, with the pair now trying to raise awareness and promote their ideas, which so far has only developed through word of mouth.

Kiara adds: “People feel the materials and how well they are made, and then they want one for themselves.”

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