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Wok to Walk – restaurant review

By martin booth, Friday Jun 26, 2015

Small orange boxes could soon be a familiar sight around Park Street with the opening of Wok to Walk, a restaurant and takeaway that has already got dozens of franchises across the globe from Bulgaria to Saudi Arabia.

It’s inspired by the street food of South East Asia, with each wok stir-fried in a cascade of flames seconds after ordering.

The premise is simple. Choose your base; either noodles or rice in various forms. Choose your favourite fillings, including meat, mushrooms and vegetables. Then choose your sauce which comes in various levels of hotness. You can also add toppings like fried onions or sesame seeds.

With a base costing £3.95 and fillings up to £1.95 for the duck breast, it can add up to around a tenner for your box – double the price of a similar size meal from Chilli Daddy which also encourages you to mix everything in to one big smorgasbord.

But what a mix it is. I took my takeaway box home and tipped the contents out where they barely fitted onto a plate and even then were piled high.

The whole-wheat noodles with fresh vegetables and egg were chewy and soft, and it was a pleasant surprise to see whether fork-fulls would contain succulent chicken breast or tiny shrimps, my box further complemented by a tangy Shanghai sauce of black beans and soy.

I also added cashew nuts and broccoli to the mix (to reach the advised maximum of four), with the addition of fresh coriander adding an even fresher flavour.

So get used to those orange boxes. Wok to Walk is worth the walk.

Wok to Walk, 39 Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5NH
0117 922 1567

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