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A kitchen in a caravan outside the Volly

By bristol247, Tuesday Dec 1, 2015

The Shiny Diner is now parked outside the rear entrance to the Volunteer Tavern on St Matthias Park, a spitting distance away from Cabot Circus just the other side of Temple Way.

You can buy burgers and stews seven days a week until December 22 from the converted Airstream caravan run by Bath-based chefs Andrew Croft-Brown and Hannah Rickards of Airstream Line Events.

“Everyone is welcome to enjoy their food in the warmth of the pub, or in its large heated garden, and get a drink from inside if they choose,” says Volly landlord Pete Gibbs.

“Why go to a German market when there is a Bristol one round the corner, that almost exclusively supports local products including a fantastic selection of real ale?

“This exciting event is yet another example of the Bristol population supporting the fantastic efforts of Old Market (including Old Market Community Association), an area that is quickly being revived and now has many independent shops, perfect for Christmas shopping.”

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