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Butterfingers launches crowdfunder to help open new local community deli

By jordan shaw, Friday Sep 22, 2017

BS5 Market founder, Holly Chalmers, has plans to open a new independent community deli in Redfield called Butterfingers.

Holly’s vision of a revived Redfield high street is driven very much by the strength of community. Her independent convenience store will only sell products sourced in the South West and hopes to create a space to inspire local producers, talent and businesses.

Butterfingers needs to raise £10,000 for the whole project to be viable. Renovations need to be made to the building and equipment needs to be bought, to ensure that the store can be used for the multiple purposes Holly has intended. Crowdfunding has already begun and will end on October 15.

As a proud resident of Redfield, Holly is truly determined to turn her vision into a reality. “I’ve prepared as much as I can to ensure that this business is a success, not just for me but to show that we can reclaim our high street,” she explains. “So I’ve done the maths, reviewed and re-reviewed margins, I’m attending workshops and taking exams, all of which are helping me to prepare as much as I can for this venture into the unknown.”

Holly is confident in succeeding with her plans, as she already has vital experience in the industry. “I’ve been working hard over the last ten months running a monthly market in our community park. Bs5 Market has a focus on food, made locally, providing the opportunity for those that have set up their own businesses to share their talents and produce with others in the area. It’s been so well received and has cemented my belief that people in this area want to shop locally and support small businesses.

“I feel that my background in food branding and marketing, my experience of founding and running the BS5 Market and the genuine support from the local community will all help in building on the success of this little endeavour of mine.”

To find out more about Butterfingers and support the venture, visit

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