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‘Music brings people together and we need that more than ever right now’

By amy grace, Thursday Mar 19, 2020

With music venues across the city being shut down on a daily basis, musicians have turned to live streaming their shows. This comes in light of the news that Erykah Badu and Chris Martin – amongst many others – have opted to perform to their fan bases from the comfort of their studios. Whilst fans can remain safe and secure from the comfort of their homes.


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Several musicians in Bristol have been jumping on this growing trend. Duo Run Logan Run are set to perform a live stream show on March 19. I spoke to one half of the duo, sax player Andrew Neil Hayes, on their decision to join in on the live streaming: “In the space of five days we had all our gigs for the foreseeable future cancelled. It’s devastating if you consider how much work we’ve put in to organise them, not to mention the fact we now have no source of income and were already in a fragile financial situation before this kicked off.

But we’re trying not to dwell on all that and this is a way to focus our efforts on something positive. Music brings people together and we need that more than ever right now! My mum works for the NHS and they’ve been having online conferences for a while, so it was her idea to live stream a gig.

We teamed up with a Bristol recording studio called Canyon Sounds to make sure we provide the finest audio visual experience and if it goes well we want to invite other artists in for future sessions.”

To tune into their show, visit:

Jazz duo Run Logan Run are amongst some of the first musicians to annouce a livestreamed show. Image by Chris Lucas.

Meanwhile neo-soul songstress Samantha Lindo and Firewoodisland have teamed up to create the Online Bristol House Gigs Network, curating a programme of live streamed shows for artists, many of whom have lost out on gig opportunities as a result of Coronavirus.

The programme will feature a weekly live streamed living room concert from themselves as well as other local acts. Audiences will be able to sign up and support these artists and interact. Several of these artists are self-employed and were relying on gigs which have since been cancelled.

Firewoodisland and Samantha Lindo have teamed up to create Online Bristol House Gigs Network. Image of Firewoodisland by Simon Walker.

Speaking of the events, Abi Vedøy of Firewoodisland explains: “These are unprecedented times. With the necessary self-isolating, we have found ourselves having gigs cancelled and less opportunities to play music. With news articles and opinions crowding our social media news feeds, it’s hard to escape the panic and confusion, and it’s tempting to avoid social media because of all the negativity and “what ifs”.

But social media is an amazing tool that keeps us all connected when we can’t physically see each other or enjoy an evening out. We want to grasp the incredible power of social media and use it to spread hope and joy, and give people something to do with their evenings in quarantine.”

Below is a line-up and schedule of artists that are set to perform. All shows will be hosted and streamed by atmospheric pop duo Firewoodisland.

March 26 – Holly Abraham 

April 2 – Samantha Lindo

April 9 – Robi Mitch

April 16 – Brooke Tate

April 23 – Thomas Sayah 

April 30 – Ed Axtell

May 7 – Tobias Robertson

Funky foursome Tungz will also be livestreaming online using Instagram Live on March 19. For more information, visit:


Main photo by Chris Lucas

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