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New bike company launches in Bristol

By laura collacott, Thursday Sep 29, 2016

A new bike company has set up shop in Bristol, selling British-made, high-end, hand-built bikes that don’t come cheap.

The Snowdon Paradox is the first model from Snowdon Bike, a UK-made, flat-bar racer constructed from titanium. The marketing spiel bills it as the ultimate city bike and “far more: it can tour, it’s great for sportive events or just a ride in the country”. 

A bike for cycling enthusiasts, with a price to match

Founder, lifelong cyclist and name lender Tim Snowdon hopes the bike will be known for combining traditional design with cutting-edge thinking.

“It’s the bike I felt needed building. A bike I knew would be a blast to ride, and no one was making it at this level. So I’m offering cyclists something new. Choice is good.”

He sees it as the equivalent of a lightweight supercar, “and a traditional drop bar racer as something more akin to muscle car, great on the straights, but not so agile. 

“The combination of the extra control given by flat bars, 28mm tyres and the compliance of well-designed and beautifully engineered titanium creates a bike that can be ridden flat out. Oh, and drop bars give me wrist problems.

“Brits and particularly Bristolians are famous for creativity, for individuality, for invention and, in particular, for quality engineering. I am proud to be able to build on Bristol’s engineering heritage with a beautiful hand-built bike.”

Frames are built to order, with prices starting at a punchy £1,850. 


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