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Designing the Better Bristol brand

By ben wright, Friday Sep 28, 2018

As a media organisation, among other things, we obviously have a great team of designers who create our amazing magazine each month and all the other publications we produce throughout the year. But, as Better Bristol is all about collaboration we asked Workbrands, our Paintworks neighbours, to have a crack at developing our new Better Bristol brand. It’s mission: Bringing Bristol Together, giving everybody a voice and ultimately working together to shape our wonderful city.

As a team of creative, socially-conscious and like-minded Bristolians, Workbrands really understood what we’ve set out to achieve. They developed a new typographical logo (to work both independently as well as alongside the Bristol24/7 brand badge) and a punchy colour palette which epitomises the vibrancy of Bristol. Elements within the marque were also extrapolated to create a set of vector icons featured on printed media and digital comms, including our new video.

The brand was first unveiled at our event at Paintworks Event Space on 19th September to over 150 Bristol residents and businesses, where the attendees were invited to take part in interactive sessions, covering health, housing, homelessness, education and the environment. It was a great start to our newly branded initiative. 

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Workbrands also designed the cover of our October issue as well as assets for our upcoming business publication.

It’s been a great collaboration!

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