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Chemistry start-up secures ?1m funding

By laura collacott, Sunday Jul 17, 2016

Ziylo, a start-up chemistry company from the University of Bristol, has secured more than £1 million of funding through government grants and private investment.

The nine strong Bristol team is developing a sugar-sensing platform by utilising pioneering research surrounding a new family of synthetic sugar receptors, known as ‘synthetic lectins’. There are potential applications in healthcare, especially for diabetics, as well as in industrial procedures where sugars need to be monitored continuously, such as fermentation tanks or bioreactors. 

Originally developed by The Davis Research Group at Bristol, these molecules are some of the world’s first artificial biomimetic sugar receptors.

In recognition of their achievements, Ziylo were recently awarded the ‘One to watch’ prize by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) at their annual Emerging Technology competition.

“We are always encouraged to receive validation of our technology from prestigious bodies such as the RSC and Innovate UK,” said CEO Dr Harry Destecroix. “Our awards acknowledge the exciting and game changing technology Ziylo is working on. Now with the team and funding in place, we can fully pursue the commercialisation process.”

Head of the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol, Professor Nick Norman said: “I am delighted to see innovative research from the School of Chemistry being commercialised through start-up companies like Ziylo, and I wish them every success in the future. It is particularly gratifying that Ziylo was set up by Harry, a recent graduate from Chemistry, and that Ziylo also employs other Chemistry graduates and former research staff members.”


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