Bristol Airport is revealed as the location for @TheDriveIn drive-in cinema

The romantic environs of Bristol Airport have been revealed as the location for the first local drive-in cinema to announce its programme and put tickets on sale. Specifically, @TheDriveIn will be taking over the airport’s silver zone car park for its inaugural series of screenings in Bristol. These now take place from September 10-13 and not August 27-30 as previously announced.

The line-up includes afternoon matinees of Pixar’s very first Toy Story film and Disney’s original animated 1994 version of The Lion King. The evening screenings comprise evergreens Grease and Back to the Future plus more recent releases Joker and A Star is Born (2018 remake version).

Tickets cost £35 (plus booking fee) per car – and just in case you’re getting any funny cheapskate ideas about breaking the world record for cramming people into a single automobile, the small print asserts that you must “ensure the number of passengers are within the legal limit allowed for the vehicle”. Those in giant gas-guzzling SUVs will also be made to park at the back so everyone else can see.

It’s proving to be something of a boom time for socially distanced entertainment. At least two other drive-in cinema events are being planned for Bristol. The first is in the car park of Ashton Gate Stadium in July and August, but the programme has yet to be announced. An organisation called Drive-In Events is also working on drive-in cinema, concerts, comedy and raves in ten cities across the country, including Bristol. No further info is available yet, but you can register your interest here.

Should you not be in possession of a pollution-spewing infernal combustion engine, you’ll be delighted to learn that outdoor film screenings have been announced for other open spaces in Bristol, including Castle Park and Ashton Court, by Luna Cinema and Adventure Cinema. Follow the links below for screening times and ticket links for all the events confirmed so far.

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