Date: Friday, Apr 3 - Saturday, Apr 4
Venue: Tobacco Factory Theatres: Spielman Theatre


A darkly comic, searingly satirical one-woman show, set in the dystopian world of Smile Club in which a government drive exists to tame and prune unruly women deemed unable to fit into society.

“Come on love, cheer up, it might never happen.

“Welcome to Smile Club. Life’s so much better when you smile. Everyone knows that. So go on – give us a smile. Meet Lisa, a Smile Club attendee.

“Lisa’s been through it all and she now knows – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that nobody likes a girl who makes a fuss; nobody likes a girl who can’t take a joke. She knows too that life is simpler when you let things go. And she certainly has. All of it.

“Join Lisa as she presents the perks and rewards of being a Smile Club Member. Hear about her descent into dejection, rage, and bloody violence, before her remarkable transformation into the smiley, well-adjusted human you see before you today.”

Apr 3-4, 8pm, from £12.

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Pic: Lazenby Brown

By steve wright, Wednesday, Mar 11 2020

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