How to Beat Up Your Dad

Date: Tuesday, Feb 11 - Wednesday, Feb 12
Venue: Alma Tavern & Theatre

Debut production from Caravan Guys, a young theatre company from the north-east.

How To Beat Up Your Dad is the tale of one young man’s journey through manhood. From being a meek teenager looking for the secret to losing his virginity to becoming a young man stealing Yakults, searching for happiness and finally standing up to his own dad.

Told through a cocktail of performance, spoken word, music and storytelling, How To Beat Up Your Dad is a dark comedy about masculinity and all the wrong ways to solve your problems.

“It’s fashionable to talk of ‘toxic’ masculinity…But the Caravan Guys’ savagely brilliant satire was a more honest, if brutal exploration of a certain brand of maleness.” The York Mix

“Its mix of music, spoken word, traditional theatre, and storytelling is mesmerising and fast paced and both of the actors put on a superb performance.” The Manchester Review

Feb 11-12, 8pm, £8.


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By steve wright, Thursday, Jan 23 2020

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