Rock N Rumble 2019 training sessions

Date: Wednesday, Oct 2 - Sunday, Nov 10
Venue: The City Academy Bristol
Price: £50

Sign up for seven weeks of training in Olympic Wrestling with international coach Saeed Esmaeli, taking part in two sessions per week, which culminates in a vibrant live competition at the Anson Rooms, to wrestle for the title of Rock N Rumble Champions 2019!

You can see a video here:

As a participant, beyond learning wrestling techniques, Rock N Rumble is an incredible way to meet new people, build resilience and self-confidence, develop discipline and mindful flow and be part of a supportive, sociable team. And of course there is the double feel-good factor of raising life-changing funds to support remote communities in Malawi.

It’s amazing what can happen #WhenCommunitiesComeTogether

The registration fee is £50.

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By ellie tarr, Tuesday, Sep 24 2019

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