Hip-Hop: Boo Seeka

Vanessa Kisuule, July 24, 2017

BOO Seeka’s synths and beats keeps the energy sizzling like a neon sign on the Miami strip. The Sydney hip-hop-psych-soul project begun an outlet for a couple of musical experiments, a testing ground for new sounds. And it’s growing, multiplying and producing delicious sounds.

To date, Boo Seeka has accumulated over 7 million Spotify streams and dominated national airwaves with singles like Oh My, Deception Bay, Fool and their 2015 debut single, Kingdom Leader which peaked at #6 on the Australian iTunes Electronic chart.

Boo Seeka’s sound is a combination of pulsating synth sounds that bed down layered textures of electronic bass and percussive beats. Influenced by the layerings and experimental beats of Major Lazer, the cool swagger of J-Dilla and The Seed 2.0’s Cody Chestnutt’s soulful vocal delivery. Boo Seeka snaps up melodies and bounce them off hip-hop/R&B driven grooves and beats that vibe.

7pm, £6.60.


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Sat, Aug 12 2017, 7pm
Artists: Boo Seeka
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