Nacho Vigalondo
Running Time
109 mins

Nacho Vigalondo, Spanish director of the rather brilliant Timecrimes and excellent Extraterrestrial, gets a big budget and a starry cast for this Hollywood venture which proceeds from a promising premise, being an unlikely mash-up of the indie romance and monster movie.

Anne Hathaway plays an alcoholic Manhattanite who’s turfed out by her boyfriend (Dan Stevens) and returns to the small town where she grew up. Here she reconnects with childhood pal Jason Sudeikis, who offers her a job as a waitress at his bar while she sorts her life out. So far, so cookie-cutter indie. Meanwhile, over in Seoul a giant monster is terrorising the populace with its nightly appearances. And it appears to have some kind of psychic connection to our Anne. This is certainly an original concept, although the PR blurb ‘Godzilla meets Lost in Translation‘ led to a lawsuit from the Toho corporation. Alas, reviews from the Toronto Film Festival were decidedly mixed.

By robin askew, Tuesday May 16, 2017

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