Bristol Film Festival: Night at the Museum

Shawn Levy
Running Time
108 mins

Larry Daley (Ben Stiller, looking haggard and harassed) is the only applicant suitably feckless enough to land a job as night guard at the New York Museum of Natural History.  Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney, who have been in this fantasy-comedy racket longer than Stiller has been alive, are the twinkling, malevolent old guards on the point of being forcibly retired – and they have an agenda for wanting a foul-up to take over.

Every night, thanks to a mystic Egyptian artefact on the premises, all the exhibits in the museum come to life and run around making trouble. It’s a workable premise for an animated short perhaps, but isn’t developed here in any interesting way. Larry has to prove himself as a man by coping with the nightly rampages, which frankly isn’t very interesting – and most of the running jokes stumble with repetition.

This Bristol Film Festival screening takes place in the shadow of Bristol Museum’s own dinosaur. There will also be an opportunity to nose around the exhibitions after hours. Go here for tickets and further information.

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By robin askew, Monday, Oct 22 2018


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