Whitney: Can I Be Me

Nick Broomfield
Running Time
105 mins

Nick Broomfield‘s third music doc after Kurt & Courtney and Biggie and Tupac does the rise’n’fall thing with Whitney Houston, who started out as a 15-year-old backing vocalist and went on to become a troubled global superstar, carking it at the age of 48.

Even if you don’t buy the claim that Houston was “one of the greatest singers of all time”, hers is a compelling and cautionary if all-too-familiar tale and this doc should strike a chord with anyone who enjoyed Amy. Apparently, its most salacious revelations concern her sexuality. The Hollywood Reporter noted, however, that it does seem to go rather easy on Houston’s hubby, rapper Bobby Brown: “The film mentions his infidelities, but not his 2003 arrest for physically assaulting Houston, an oddly coy omission which smacks of backstage deal-making.”

By robin askew, Monday May 15, 2017

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