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Film / Art House

Dogs Don’t Wear Pants

A bereaved surgeon cheers himself up with a dominatrix in this jolly Finnish BDSM comedy-drama

Watershed: Thursday, Apr 2 2020 4:30pm

Film / Art House

The Painted Bird

Harrowing drama about a young Jewish boy enduring multiple Holocaust horrors

Watershed: Thursday, Apr 2 2020 7pm

Film / Art House

System Crasher

Provocative German drama about a traumatised nine-year-old girl

Watershed: Thursday, Apr 2 2020 8:40pm

Film / Documentary

Cables & Cameras: Riot

Marking the 40th anniversary of the St. Paul's Riot with a screening and symposium

Cube: Saturday, Apr 4 2020 7:30pm

Film / Comedy

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson's Oscar winner, with Ralph Fiennes showing off his unexpected comic talents

Everyman: Saturday, Apr 4 2020 10:30pm

Film / Documentary

The Kingmaker

The irresistible Imelda Marcos story returns to launch Film Sc♀res season

Watershed: Sunday, Apr 5 2020 12pm

Film / Drama

Billy Elliot

20th anniversary return of the ever-popular film that spawned the hit stage musical

Cineworld Hengrove: Friday, Apr 10 2020 7:30pm

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