Kiri Pritchard-McLean: Empathy Pains

Date: Monday, Apr 6 - Friday, Oct 30
Venue: Tobacco Factory Theatres

(Rescheduled from APril 11)

Multi-award-winning comedian Kiri Pritchard-McLean returns with a new show about empathy.

Kiri thinks that we live in a time where empathy is seen as a weakness, like asthma or being first to pull away from a handshake. But surely what we need in these divided times is more empathy? So Kiri is off on a search to find a group of people who she struggles to empathise with. Which means she’s spent the last year talking to non-offending paedophiles on the internet. Yup, her search history is a disaster. So, come and see her make the impossible hilarious or possibly get arrested.

Oct 30, 8pm, £17. For more info, visit

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By steve wright, Wednesday, Mar 11 2020

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