Count Arthur Strong: Is There Anybody Out There?

Date: Sunday, Sep 29 2019
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Bristol Old Vic

As well as being the all-round entertainer we all know and love from the telly, Count Arthur Strong is a lifelong fan of astronomy since being given a microscope, or whatever it is they use, for Christmas when he was a small but precocious baby. In fact it’s said the first word he spoke was ‘Uranus’.

In this, his brand new show, he seamlessly combines the very best showbiz entertainment you’ll currently find in the world (possibly) as he wrestles with some of the big questions that other all-round entertainers shy away from, such as:

Are we alone in the universe?
Is there life on Mars bars?

“Blissfully, brilliantly bewildered” The Guardian

Sept 29, 8pm, £22.50.

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By steve wright, Tuesday, Jul 9 2019

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