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Bruce Hood

Date: Wednesday, Nov 6 2019
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Waterstones Bristol Galleries
Price: £8/£6

Award-winning psychologist, Bruce Hood, talks about his new book, Possessed: Why We Want More Than We Need.

“Our love affair with our possessions seems to be all-consuming, even as our planet reaches breaking point. Despite the constant warnings about our future, we are reluctant to change our ways when it comes to accumulating more and more things. Why is this?

“The answer is our need for ownership. Ownership is a uniquely human pre-occupation that has its origins deeply rooted in our biology. It can be seen in everything from children fighting over toys to the rise of political extremism.

“Timely, engaging and persuasive, Possessed is the first book to explore how ownership has us enthralled in relentless pursuit of a false happiness, with damaging consequences for society and the planet – and how we can stop buying into it.”

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By joe melia, Tuesday, Aug 20 2019

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