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Introduction to BSL Poetry Workshop

Date: Saturday, Nov 30
Time: 11:00am
Venue: Trinity Centre
Price: Free

‘What Words Are Ours?’ presents an introduction to BSL poetry workshop with BSL poet and performer Donna Williams AKA DeafFireFly.

‘What Words Are Ours?’ and Donna Williams are inviting D/deaf and Hard of Hearing BSL users to this free workshop to learn about this exciting art form and meet new people.

“Ever seen a BSL poetry show and wanted to try it out yourself? Is BSL poetry totally new to you but you want to find out more? Join us at this free taster workshop where you will learn to create your own BSL poems as well as find out more about the art form itself.

“The workshop will be led by Donna Williams, a Deaf writer and performer. Donna considers herself bi-cultural, moving in both hearing and Deaf worlds and reflects on this sometimes difficult transition in her poems. Donna’s work has been published in several poetry anthologies and she’s performed across the UK.”

The workshop is presented by ‘What Words Are Ours?’ a BSL interpreted poetry variety show created by Talia Randall. Showcasing D/deaf and hearing poets alongside each other, ‘What Words Are Ours?’ features a kaleidoscope of performances, from comedians, BSL poets, cabaret artists, visual vernacular performers, to rising stars of the spoken word scene:

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By joe melia, Monday, Nov 18 2019

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