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James Ladyman, Robin Gordon Brown, Julian Baggini and Helen Beebee

Date: Monday, Oct 28
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Waterstones Bristol Galleries
Price: Free

James Ladyman and Robin Gordon Brown introduce their new book, Materialism: A Historical and Philosophical Inquiry in conversation with Julian Baggini (pictured) and Helen Beebee.

“The doctrine of materialism is one of the most controversial in the history of ideas. For much of its history it has been aligned with toleration and enlightened thinking, but it has also aroused strong, often violent, passions amongst both its opponents and proponents. This book explores the development of materialism in an engaging and thought-provoking way and defends the form it takes in the twenty-first century.

“Drawing on a wide range of colourful examples, the authors argue that although materialism does not have all the answers, its humanism and commitment to naturalistic explanation and the scientific method is our best philosophical hope in the ideological maelstrom of the modern world.”

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By joe melia, Thursday, Oct 10 2019

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