The Invisible Worker

Date: Monday, Sep 21 - Tuesday, Sep 29
Venue: The Vestibules

Residency, at the Park Street Vestibule of City Hall, for this zine project that explores the interface between work and technology.

During their time at The Vestibules, artworks featured in the current and past zine issues will be on display.

The project aims to expand the conversation around workers’ rights, giving a platform to those in precarious work to tell their stories. It explores the changing nature of our economy as well as the impact of digital technologies on how work is structured, where it takes place, and what we consider work to be.

“This exhibition will look at 3 key areas: the online gig economy, our relationship with digital technologies, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on those in precarious work,” explains TIW’s Robbie Warin.

“Our aim is to provide an insight into the changing nature of work in contemporary capitalism and the experiences of those at the sharp end of shifts in our labour markets.”

Exhibition marks the release of the third issue of The Invisible Worker: Tales From a Crisis. This latest issue explores eight different stories from the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, looking at how people in precarious work have been impacted by the shockwaves sent through our economy.

Images and quotes from the current issue are also on display on the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft outdoor gallery, Jamaica Street.

Sept 21-22 & Sept 28-29, 3-7pm (Sept 21) / 1-7pm (Sept 22, 28, 29), 30 minute visits.

FOr more info, email or book slots via


By steve wright, Wednesday, Sep 16 2020

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