Date: Saturday, Nov 14 - Wednesday, Nov 18
Venue: Centrespace

Exhibition exploring the sea, science and society.

“The treacherous song of the siren has seeped into our collective consciousness, but it is often steeped in cliché, and traditionally told from the male perspective.

“Now, three Bristol-based female artists are exploring the siren from new perspectives.

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“Looking in to the relationship of women to the sea, science and society, this exhibition takes the mythological figure into surprising areas, showing how siren stories reflect the anxieties and desires of the people that tell them.

“The three women approach the subject from different angles, layering their individual practices to create something unique through collage, photography and sculpture. The combined effect is an other-worldly subaquatic experience.

Artists: Hannah Battershell, Chloe Edwards, Becky Hoghton.

Nov 14-18, Centrespace, Leonard Lane (off Corn St), 11am-5pm.

Centrespace is able to safely host 15 people at a time in the gallery.

Visitors are very welcome to turn up and see if there is capacity, but if you’d prefer to guarantee a space you can book in advance at

By steve wright, Tuesday, Oct 13 2020

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