Date: Thursday, Feb 13 - Saturday, Feb 29
Venue: Kosar Contemporary

The next exhibition at Bedminster’s Kosar Contemporary is an exciting collaboration between brothers Matthew Roy Arnold (sculpture) and Brendan James Arnold (robotics).

The exhibition’s immersive sculptures cast a literal light on the alterations made to our landscape. Each piece is centred around a rock altered with cut facets, paintings and engravings with scored grids contouring the surfaces.

This is replicated in plaster and mirrored in reflective materials to present alternates to the original. Within these landscapes, patterned circuit boards and silicon solar cells cluster in formations that evoke the past, present and future of human influence.

Sol invites the viewer to enter a space in which our perception of reality is teasingly undermined; where we are confronted by pieces which allude to the infinite landscapes of mathematics and virtual reality within a physical form.

Each artwork is a focal point for meditation on the real and the virtual, whilst serving as an example of how digital technology can be used to build upon traditional sculptural practice.

Feb 14-29, Wed-Sat 5.30-8pm. Opening Event Feb 13, 7-9 pm.

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By steve wright, Wednesday, Jan 15 2020

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