Date: Monday, Mar 2 - Wednesday, Apr 29
Venue: Potters

Bristol-based potter Jim Green presents an exhibition of his exhibition of dip-glazed stoneware.

Jim’s work is influenced by 1950s and 60s Scandinavian tableware, paying attention to how each piece will be handled and used. Jim tends to make one-offs, or small batches of work to keep the uniqueness of his work.

Jim’s background is in Graphic Design, and he still does book design. In 2012, he attended an evening course at Morley College in London, which sparked his ceramic journey. He then joined the Kiln rooms in Peckham where he had a small space and access to shared equipment.

In the summer of 2017 he took part in a ceramics residency at the WASP Studios in Glasgow, cementing his desire to do ceramics full-time. When he returned to London he set up his own studio in his garden in Brixton. In the summer of 2019 he moved to Bristol, and moved into Clayshed studio for professional ceramic artists and potters.

March 1-Apr 31, Mon-Sat 10.15am-5.30pm.

By steve wright, Saturday, Feb 22 2020

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