John Kane

Date: Saturday, Jul 6 2019 - Saturday, Jul 27 2019
Venue: HOURS

Contemporary Romantic and post-industrial paintings and prints.

“My MA in 2004 was concerned with the emotional impact of de-industrialisation,” the artist explains. “At the time I asked if the original 19th-century Romantic movement’s response to industrialisation – a reduction of community and a potential disregard for emotions – could be applied to our period of de-industrialisation.

“We can now see clearly the effects de-industrialisation has had on communities. I am still very interested in the awe and latent power of beachscapes and industrial landscapes and represent these in images, charcoals, prints and paintings.”

July 6-7, 11am-5pm and then by arrangement until July 27. Launch event Fri 5 July, 6-9 pm.

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By steve wright, Monday, Jun 17 2019

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