James N. Kienitz Wilkins: This Action Lies

Date: Friday, Jul 5 2019 - Sunday, Sep 8 2019
Venue: Spike Island

Solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist James N. Kienitz Wilkins.

Kienitz Wilkins’s moving image work combines documentary sources with original scriptwriting to investigate the role that narrative plays in the construction of truth.

Characterised by an economy of means, his films engage with issues that relate directly to his personal life: from social relations in his native New England to labour conditions in the digital age.

The results are both funny – full of wordplay, wisecracks and ideas collapsing in upon other ideas – and provocative – peppered with matter-of-fact observations and fragments of uncomfortable truth.

The exhibition features This Action Lies (2018), a 30-minute film about the limits of observation, or about staring very hard at something while listening to something else.

Framed as an apology, the fast-paced monologue that echoes throughout analyses the common and underappreciated commercial product on view: a Dunkin’ Donuts foam coffee cup.

July 6-Sept 8, Tue-Sun 12-5pm. Preview July 5, 6-9pm. For more info, visit

By steve wright, Thursday, Jun 6 2019

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